How to Repair LED Flashlight?

How to Repair LED Flashlight?


In order to extend the service life of LED flashlights, we must repair the malfunctions in time. This article specifically introduces the repair methods of some LED flashlights.

LED flashlight is a relatively novel lighting tool. It uses light-emitting diodes as the light source, so it has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy-saving, and long life. But when the LED flashlight fails, we must check and repair it in time. The following are the specific inspection and repair methods of LED flashlights.

Determine the fault

First, unscrew the tail to expose the negative electrode of the battery. Use a metal piece such as scissors or tweezers to connect the negative electrode of the battery to the exposed unoxidized part of the flashlight next to the battery to see if it lights up.

If you turn on a led flashlight and find that there are bright spots but the flashlight does not light up, then this means that this is a problem with the switch of the led flashlight.

If it still does not light up, please check whether the soldering at the junction of the circuit compartment and the circuit board is open or empty. If there is open or empty welding, just re-soldering can solve the problem of the glare flashlight not emitting light.

Check the battery

Make sure that the battery is charged first, and load the battery in the correct positive and negative direction. It should be noted that different types of batteries cannot be used. Of course, batteries with different levels of new and old cannot be mixed.

Check the switch of the tail cover

First, gently unscrew the cap on the tail of the led lighting flashlight. After opening it, you can see that the outer ring of the switch spring has a switch pressure ring with two recesses. Use tweezers or scissors to pin the two concave points and turn clockwise to check whether the switch pressing ring is loose. Make sure that the switch pressing ring is tightly pressed on the switch without any looseness.

Check the tightness of the flashlight thread

Before overhauling, please make sure that the threads in the LED flashlight assembly are tight and not loose. If the threads are not tightened, it may be one of the reasons that cause no light or dim light.

If the problem is the product itself, we should not disassemble LED flashlight assembly at will, but send it to the after-sales place for repair. After reading the above methods, if it doesn’t help you much, you can get more information and solutions in this area by contacting us. And we can also provide you with high-quality LED flashlight products.

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