Selection Guide for Led Head Lamps

Selection Guide for Led Head Lamps


When we need to carry out activities at night, LED headlamps are undoubtedly the best choice. Today, let us talk about the purchase guide for LED headlamps.

The working principle and advantages of LED headlamps

LED headlamps are indispensable supplies when we walk outdoors at night and camp and are one of the most important pieces of equipment for survival in the wild. If you want to choose a high-quality LED headlight, it must meet the following indicators.

Strong waterproof

It is inevitable to encounter rain in outdoor camping or other night operations, so the headlamps must be waterproof, otherwise, rain or flooding will cause the circuit to short-circuit and cause the circuit to go out or turn on and off, causing safety hazards in the dark. When buying headlamps, you must see if there is a waterproof mark, and it must be greater than the waterproof level of IXP3. The larger the number, the stronger the waterproof performance.

Good drop resistance

A good performance bright LED headlight must be resistant to fall. In outdoor sports, it may also fall due to various reasons such as loose wear. If the shell cracks, the battery falls off or the internal circuit fails due to the fall, it is even in the dark It is also a terrible thing to look for a dropped battery in the middle, so such a headlight is definitely not safe, so when you buy it, you must also see if there is an anti-fall mark, or ask the merchant about the anti-fall property of the headlight.
Strong cold resistance

Especially for the headlamps of the split battery box, if the headlamps with inferior PVC wires are used, it is very likely that the skin of the wires will become hard and brittle due to the cold, which will cause the internal core to be broken. Therefore, if it is to be under low temperature When using outdoor headlamps, you must pay more attention to the cold-resistant design of the product.

Bright light source

The brightness of any lighting product mainly depends on the light source, which is commonly known as the light bulb. Generally, the most common light source in outdoor headlamps is an LED or xenon bulb. The main advantage of LED is energy-saving and long life, but the disadvantage is low brightness and low penetration. difference. The main advantages of xenon bulbs are long-range and strong penetrating power, but the disadvantages are relative power consumption and short bulb life. However, with the development of technology, the brightness of the light source of LED lights is getting stronger and stronger. We should first consider this when purchasing.

Strong endurance

The same light bulb and the same current level theoretically have the same brightness, unless there is a problem with the light cup or lens design, the decision to determine whether a LED rechargeable headlight saves energy depends on the circuit design. The efficient circuit design reduces the power consumption, which means that the same battery Whoever has the same brightness will last longer.

Good workmanship

A high-quality LED headlight must use high-quality materials. At present, most high-end headlamps use PC/ABS as the shell. The main advantage is that it is strong and impact-resistant. The thickness of the wall thickness of 0.8MM can exceed the thickness of 1.5MM. Inferior plastic materials. This greatly reduces the weight of the headlight itself. Most mobile phone shells use this material and the selection of headbands. The high-quality headbands have good elasticity, feel comfortable, absorb sweat and breathe, and do not feel dizzy or uncomfortable even if worn for a long time. Now on the market Brand headlamps have trademark jacquard on the headband. Most of these headbands are made of exquisite materials, and most of the headbands without trademark jacquard are nylon materials, which have a hard hand feel and poor elasticity. They are prone to dizziness when worn for a long time. Generally speaking, most of the headlamps with exquisite workmanship will also pay attention to the selection of materials. Therefore, when choosing a headlamp, it should also be based on the workmanship and whether it is convenient to install the battery.

Reasonable structure design

When choosing high-power LED headlamps, besides paying attention to the above elements, it also depends on whether the structure is reasonable and reliable, whether it is flexible and reliable to adjust the lighting angle up and down when worn on the head, and whether the power switch is easy to operate. And will we unintentionally open it when we put it in the backpack.

As an important tool outdoors at night, LED headlamps are related to our safety issues. We must pay attention to the above indicators when choosing. If you still have doubts about the choice of LED headlamps after reading the above, please contact us for more detailed information and solutions. At the same time, the LED headlamps we produce are of excellent quality, durable and anti-drop, which can meet your purchase needs.

As a professional manufacturer of LED lights, we have always been committed to providing customers with quality products and services. We have a strong R&D department and strict production management team, which can conduct comprehensive quality inspections on products. We can also formulate effective solutions according to customer needs. If you are interested in our LED headlamps, please contact us immediately!