8 Factors to Consider when Choosing Led Head Lamps

8 Factors to Consider when Choosing Led Head Lamps


LED headlamps are mainly used outdoors, which is related to our safety issues, so multiple factors need to be considered when choosing. This article will specifically introduce the eight factors that need to be considered when choosing LED headlamps.

eight factors to consider when choosing LED headlamps

Since the main application scenario of LED headlamps is outdoors, the requirements for LED headlamps are relatively high when selecting, and many factors need to be considered so that we can use them safely and conveniently. The following are eight factors to consider when choosing LED headlamps.

1. The brightness of the light

Of course, the higher the brightness, the better, and the larger the irradiation range, the better, but for the irradiation distance, more than 100 meters are enough. If it is too far, the eyes can't see clearly (except for special purposes).

2. The weight of the headlamp

The weight of a single-cell battery is not very obvious, but for lithium batteries with more than 2 cells, the head will feel heavy and uncomfortable after being worn for a long time. Try to choose a single-cell or an external battery pack.

3. The length of the headlamp lighting duration

Buyers who buy headlamps often know very well that they all hope that the longer the duration, the better. They don’t need to charge frequently, and they no longer run out of electricity at critical moments. But the duration of headlamps is limited, but it can last 8-10 One hour is enough. Because the longer the duration, the brightness is not good, and the capacity of the battery has to be correspondingly increased with multiple pressure sensitivity.

4. Charging time 

If the capacity of the headlamp battery is increased without increasing the output current of the charger, the charging time will be doubled. Therefore, when choosing a high-capacity battery, choose a high-current charger.

5. The waterproof performance of the headlamp

Ordinary ones are general rainwater. If you really dive, most of them can't be used normally, so you need to understand more when you buy them and choose them according to your needs.

6. Headlamp elastic band

For users who wear it on their heads every day, due to frequent use, no matter how durable the material is, it will loosen up. We can buy one more when we buy it.

7. The close range of headlamp

The headlight is okay for long-distance illumination, but the effect is not very good at short distances. As for this problem, there is no other way except for the headlight that can adjust the focus and the addition of a PC cover. Solve, think about the requirements you need when buying.

8. Headlamp life

Some of them cannot be used within 2 months or half a year. A good headlamp has at least 1-2 years of service life.

In addition to the above factors, when we choose LED headlamps, we have to choose them in combination with the actual use and outdoor scenes. If you want to know more information related to LED headlamps after reading the above, you can contact us for a more comprehensive solution.

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