4 Key Points for Choosing Led Camping Lanterns

4 Key Points for Choosing Led Camping Lanterns


LED camping lanterns are generally multi-functional led lights that can be used outdoors and at home. This article will specifically introduce the key points of choosing LED camping lanterns.

 the four main points of choosing LED camping lanterns

Whether you are engaged in camping activities or when there is no warning of power outages,  portable LED camping lanterns are an indispensable helper. There are many different kinds of LED camping lanterns on the market. In addition to the different brightness and power supply methods, there are also many products with waterproof or other additional functions. The following are the four main points of choosing LED camping lanterns.

Choose the right brightness according to the purpose

The brightness unit of LED camping lanterns is usually marked with "lumens", the larger the value, the higher the brightness. However, as the high-brightness style consumes more power, please choose the suitable product according to your personal habits and purpose.

1. The main light is based on 1,000 lumens, and you can carry more than one if necessary

If you want to use LED camping lanterns as the main light source during camping or outdoor activities, it is recommended to choose high-brightness products of about 1,000 lumens (approximately equal to the brightness of a general bulb of 80W). 

However, because the brightness of traditional gas or kerosene lamps is about 100-250W, users who are accustomed to gas lamps may feel that the LED light source is relatively dim, and you need to set a few more to achieve the same brightness. Therefore, it is recommended to confirm the required brightness before selecting, so that the best choice can be made according to the demand.

2. 150~300 lumens for auxiliary lighting

If you simply want to use the lamp as an auxiliary lighting in the tent, choosing a style of 150-300 lumens is quite enough, and its brightness is roughly equivalent to that of a 25W general bulb. Although it is darker than the main light, it can effectively reduce the problem of excessively bright lights in the tent and appear dazzling. In addition, there are many phototropic insects at night, in order to avoid interference during camping, it is recommended to choose a lighter with lower brightness.

3.100 lumens can be used as portable lighting

When you want to go out of the tent at night to go to the toilet or go out at night, because the over-bright lamps may cause discomfort to the eyes that have adapted to the dark, so use 100 lumens (approximately 10-15W general bulb brightness) LED light to illuminate the feet The surrounding environment is fine.
Since you need to carry it with you, in addition to confirming whether it is lightweight, its shape and grip comfort is also a major shopping point. In addition, some main lights also have auxiliary lights that can operate independently. If you are looking for convenience, you may wish to refer to it.

It is recommended to continuous lighting time is more than 4 hours

The LED camping lamp specification sheet will note the maximum time that can be used continuously. The value depends on the brightness and the size of the battery. It is recommended to choose a product that can operate for a longer period of time. When evaluating electricity consumption, outdoor lights can be judged based on the benchmarks of 4 to 5 hours in summer and 6 to 7 hours in winter; however, LED lights for disaster prevention are recommended to have at least 1 to 2 weeks of endurance. Be sure to select separately from outdoor lights when purchasing.

Since the power supply of LED camping lanterns is more than one battery, it is recommended to pay attention to relevant information when selecting and purchasing the corresponding products according to personal needs and purposes.

1. It is recommended to choose a rechargeable and external battery style

There are many styles of LED camping lanterns that are simply battery-powered. Although they are very convenient to replace, they need to carry spare batteries, regardless of the weight of the luggage or the cost of operation. Therefore, it is recommended to choose products that can be recharged or installed with batteries, so that the battery can be used as a backup power source during charging, without worrying about the lamp suddenly running out of power and falling into the dark.

In addition, the LED camping lanterns produced by Foresight can be charged directly through the USB port. As long as they are equipped with a mobile power supply, they can provide long-term lighting, which is more practical for outdoor activities across the day.

2. The type that can be charged by solar energy or hand crank

In addition to the basic power supply method, LED camping lanterns also have many styles that are charged by alternative means. For example, some lamp models are equipped with solar panels, allowing users to charge in the sun during the day; there are also types that supply power by squeezing or hand cranking, even if it is temporarily unable to charge or there is no battery in hand, As long as you use this kind of camping lights, you can participate in night activities with peace of mind.

Pay attention to choosing dimmable and toning products

The white light that can clearly illuminate the surroundings and the yellow light that create a warm atmosphere have different uses. If the color temperature of the LED camping lamp can be adjusted according to the situation, it can cope with most occasions freely. In addition, there are also products on the market that can adjust the intensity of the light. 

As long as the light is dimmed when strong lighting is not required, the effect of saving power and extending the operating time can be achieved. Therefore, it is recommended to also confirm these specifications and functions when selecting lamps, which can bring greater flexibility and convenience.

If you often use LED camping lanterns outdoors or near waters, it is generally recommended to choose products with a waterproof level of IPX5 or higher, which will be safer. Among them, there are fully waterproof models with IPX7 and IPX8 certifications. Since this type of lamp can operate normally even when placed in water, it is very suitable for emergency lighting in disaster prevention. And if you simply want to use the lamp in a sheltered place at home, the product only needs to have an IPX4 life waterproof rating that can be used normally on rainy days.

It is recommended to choose multi-purpose products that can be hung and hand-held

The most commonly used gripping methods for LED camping lanterns include hand-held, hung, and upright on a flat surface. Some of these products have a combined use method at the same time. In order to increase the versatility of camping lights, it is generally recommended to buy a style with three holding methods at a time; even if the budget is limited, it is recommended to choose a product with at least two use methods according to the purpose.

For example, you can choose composite hanging and upright camping lights for outdoor activities to avoid uneven sites that cannot be placed on the ground; as for disaster prevention, it is recommended to choose handheld and upright dual-use products to ensure evacuation. Mobility will not be affected.

The LED camping lanterns manufactured by Foresight are multi-functional and can handle a variety of complex outdoor situations. If you want to know more about LED camping lanterns after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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