3 Common Faults and Solutions for Household LED Lights

3 Common Faults and Solutions for Household LED Lights


When household LED lights fail, it will affect our normal use and we need to carry out the targeted treatment. This article will specifically introduce 3 common faults and solutions for household LED lights.

 the common faults and solutions of household LED lights
Household LED lights are popular because of their high brightness and low energy consumption. Nowadays, the common LED lamps have various styles, but the structure of the internal circuit is similar.

When we open the shell, we can see a lot of small lamp beads, which are all strung together. The more lamp beads, the higher the brightness. The internal driver plays the role of step-down, constant current, rectification, and filtering. If the LED lamp fails, it is nothing more than a problem with the lamp beads or the driver. The followings are the common faults and solutions of household LED lights.

LED light doesn't light up

1. Use an electric pen or a multimeter to check whether the input terminal has electricity, and use a multimeter to directly measure whether the voltage value of the input terminal is 220 volts. If there is no power at the input, then there is a problem with the wire connected to the LED bulb. If there is power at the input, check further.

2. Check the driver, most of the cases where the bulb does not light up are that the driver is broken. If the input terminal is normal, but the lamp beads are not bright after power-on, then the driver is broken, and the driver can be replaced separately.

LED lights dim

The dimming of the LED lamp is generally because some of the lamp beads are broken, so we can check the quality of the lamp beads one by one with a multimeter. It is also possible that one of the lamp beads is broken. Find out the broken lamp beads and replace them according to the model. Of course, this also requires a certain amount of hands-on ability.

Turn off the lights and the lights are slightly bright

Generally, poor-quality LED lights for homes will have this situation, or the switch light is connected to the zero lines. LED lights are very sensitive and can light up as long as there is a weak current. Therefore, some households use electronic switches to find that the LED lights are turned off and the lights still are slightly bright. No matter what kind of situation causes the situation, we can use a relay to solve it perfectly.

Choosing high-quality LED lights can reduce the occurrence of the above problems, and its service life will be longer. If you feel that the above methods are not very effective for you after reading the above content, you can get a comprehensive and professional solution by contacting us. At the same time, our household LED lights are of excellent quality, durable, and a variety of styles that can meet the actual needs of users.

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