How to Choose Led Desk Lamp Correctly?

How to Choose Led Desk Lamp Correctly?


When we choose LED desk lamps, we need to consider the selection factors in combination with specific uses. Today, let's talk about how to choose the right LED table lamp.

how to choose the right LED table lamp
The LED desk lamp is a desk lamp with LED (light-emitting diode) as the light source. LED is a solid-state semiconductor device that can directly convert electricity into light. Because its light source has good directional performance, the LED desk lamp is green and environmentally friendly, and has a relatively long life. We need to consider the following factors when choosing LED desk lamps.

Color temperature

If you want to choose an eye-protecting desk lamp, the color temperature needs to be between 5000-5500K, which is more suitable for the light environment our eyes need, not the brighter the desk lamp, the better.


The LED light source is a point light source like a lamp bead, the LED module light source with a plurality of lamp beads arranged together must be softened. Otherwise, the light-emitting angle of each lamp bead overlaps together, which will cause uneven light, which will seriously interfere with our vision.

The current way to soften the light is to add a soft film device to the LED light source, which is a light guide film. The intuitive visual is that the LED lamp beads are not exposed to the outside. The detection method is that you can turn on the light and reach out under the light to see if the cast shadow is clear. If it is a very divergent shadow, it means that the light is uneven.

Drive location

The LED light source must be equipped with a driver. If the driver is broken, the LED lamp beads will not work. Therefore, a good LED eye protection desk lamp will not design the driver in the position of the lamp head.

Light decay

LED lamps will have a problem with light decay. Simply put, the brightness is getting darker and darker, which affects the service life of LED desk lamps. The influencing factor of this phenomenon is temperature. Semiconductors will be accompanied by high temperatures while realizing electrons to generate light. If the temperature cannot be emitted in time, the brightness will become darker and darker. Therefore, at this point, you only need to know whether the heat dissipation is good or not.

The height of the table lamp

As an eye protection desk lamp, it cannot be too high or too low. The suitable range is between 35-50cm.


As an LED light source, its own characteristics determine that it has no glass components and does not produce sharp edges and corners. However, if some businesses pursue the aesthetics of table lamps, they must add sharp and sharp devices such as wire drawings and screws. When we choose the LED desk lamp, the simpler the structure, the better.


The LED light source has a long service life, the material of the lamp holder is very important. For example, some are made of metal, which is not natural colors but is processed separately. The surface will fall off after a long time, which will affect the appearance. Or if it takes a long time, it will be corroded and affect the aesthetics. Therefore, it is recommended to choose environmentally friendly plastic materials, which can maintain long-term color and beauty.

Surface technology of the base

The light of the desk lamp is irradiated downwards, the surface of the base cannot be made of glossy technology. Although it looks good, it will form glare due to the reflection of the optical fiber, which has an adverse effect on the light environment. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a matte surface.

When we choose the LED desk lamp, in addition to the above factors, we also need to consider the specific needs and application scenarios. If you want to seek services or solutions for LED desk lamps, Foresight is your most suitable choice. Our LED desk lamps integrate multiple functions, are easy to operate, beautiful and durable, and can meet your diverse needs.

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