The Installation Method and Precautions of LED Floor Lamps

The Installation Method and Precautions of LED Floor Lamps


If the LED floor lamp is installed incorrectly, it will bring some trouble to the future use. This article will specifically introduce the installation method and precautions of LED floor lamps.

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As the main furnishings of modern home furnishings, LED floor lamps are more and more popular and loved by the public. If we improperly operate during the installation process, it may easily cause the poor lighting effect of the LED floor lamp. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand the following installation methods and precautions for LED floor lamps.

Installation method

1. Before installing the LED floor lamp, carefully read the installation drawings and the product manual of the floor lamp, and then prepare the tools needed to install the lamp, such as flat or cross-head screwdrivers, hammers, etc. After unpacking the parts, be careful not to mess up.

2.Then first check the LED floor lamp accessories, etc., to see if there is any missing or damaged. If you find the floor lamp board is damaged, you should contact the merchant in time to replace it.

One more thing to note is that where the screws, eccentric parts, and wooden shafts are to be installed, the guide holes will be opened, so the positioning of the parts has been solved. Be careful not to install the wrong parts and then tighten them repeatedly, otherwise the plate will be easily damaged, and the installation will cause instability and tilt.

3. In the installation process, pay attention that the floor lamp should have a cast iron chassis, and the black plastic cap is the fastener used to fix the lampshade. Install the parts in the order from bottom to top, the order is chassis fastening nut, cast iron chassis, base, lamp pole, lamp holder, lamp shade, plastic fastener, bulb.

4. The power cord coming out of the LED floor lamp pole must pass through the chassis fastening nut, cast iron chassis, and base, and then connect to the power cord, and wrap it with electrical tape. The chassis has a recess to extend the power cord. The power cord of the LED floor lamp must be handled well to prevent the risk of electric shock.


1. After the floor lamp is installed, it needs to be switched on and off to check whether the lamp is normally illuminated. If it can't work normally, you need to check and debug step by step until the lamp can work normally after turning on the power.

2. After installing the floor lamp, check whether the screws are in place and whether they are loose. If so, it should be corrected in time to avoid problems during use.

3. The power cord of the floor lamp must be handled well. In addition to preventing electric shock, it also prevents people from tripping over the power cord. If the power cord is not handled properly, it will be easy to trip over when walking at home.

4. There are many styles of LED floor lamps. Different styles of floor lamps may have slight differences during installation, so you must read the installation instructions carefully before installing.

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