6 Precautions for Choosing Household LED Lamps

6 Precautions for Choosing Household LED Lamps


Household LED lamps can not only create a comfortable and bright environment for people but also are very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Today let’s talk about the precautions for choosing household LED lamps.

 the precautions for choosing household LED lamps
LED lights are becoming more and more popular in modern households. They have the advantages of environmental protection, energy-saving, and long service life. There are various types of household LED lamps on the market now, and there are good and bad points in terms of quality. When we choose household LED lamps, we need to pay attention to the following items.

1. First of all, it can be judged from the appearance of the LED lamp. Generally speaking, the high-quality LED lamp has very meticulous and smooth workmanship. There will be no burrs on the edge. The lampshade is also translucent and glossy, and the top Printed with regular trademarks and anti-counterfeiting signs. Inferior LED lights are just the opposite.

2. When buying LED lights, it is best to choose warm color series. Because of this series of LED lights, its light tone is very similar to human skin color, so it can make people feel warm and comfortable when used. The cold color series of LED lights are generally suitable for kitchens or basements, because the brightness of the lights in these areas is relatively high, and sufficient light must be ensured.

3. When you buy LED lights, you should also pay attention to the lumen value and power ratio of the bulb. Although some bulbs have good brightness, they consume a lot of power when used, so you must pay attention.

4. The color rendering index of the LED lamp is also an aspect that must be paid attention to in the purchase, that is, the CRI indicated on the package. What it represents is the color of the light source. We need to understand the color of the lamp before we can buy a suitable one.

5. In the process of buying LED lights, the goodness of heat dissipation must also be paid attention to. Because this type of lamp is very sensitive to temperature, if the temperature is too high during use, it will affect its service life, and this mainly depends on the size of the aluminum sheet.

6. We can use the following methods to judge the quality of LED lamp beads, so as to choose high-quality household LED lamps.

(1) Observation test: Observe whether the lamp beads have black spots, if there are black spots, it indicates that the lamp beads have been damaged.

(2) Multimeter test: Use a multimeter to test the quality of the lamp beads. If the multimeter does not light, the lamp beads are damaged.

(3) Remote control test: Take two wires to the battery of the remote control, and put the other ends of the two wires on both sides of the lamp beads. If the light is on, it means it is not damaged, and if the light is not on, it means it is damaged.

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