The Advantages and Selection Skills of Led Floor Lamps

The Advantages and Selection Skills of Led Floor Lamps


LED floor lamps are beautiful in appearance and electricity-saving, and are the first choice for many modern families. This article will specifically introduce the advantages and selection skills of LED floor lamps.

the advantages and selection skills of the following LED floor lamps
The LED floor lamp is very convenient to use whether it is placed in the bedroom, study, or living room, and some floor lamps are beautiful and simple in shape, which can increase the interior decoration effect. By understanding the advantages and selection skills of the following LED floor lamps, we can choose the right lamps more conveniently.


1. Easy to move

Some mainstream lamps such as chandeliers or ceilings are firmly fixed to the ceiling and cannot be moved at all. In contrast, the floor lamp is very convenient. As long as the wire is long enough, you can put it where you want to. It is also very light, and even children can hold it and move it casually.

2. The maintenance is more convenient

The maintenance of LED floor lamps is very convenient. When many household lamps want to be disassembled for maintenance, we need to climb to such a high place for disassembly and reinstall after cleaning, which is time-consuming and laborious. The LED floor lamp has a simple structure, and we can easily clean it when we clean the house.

3. Energy saving

Many large lamps have a power of several hundred watts, which is very electricity-consuming. However, the LED floor lamp has only one light source, and the maximum power consumption is tens of watts, which is one-tenth of that of large lamps and is suitable for ordinary household use.

Selection skills

1. Pay attention to the height of the ceiling

Take the 1.70m-1.80m high LED floor lamp as an example. The ceiling height is above 2.40m. If the ceiling is too low, the light can only be concentrated in a local area, which will make people feel that the light is too bright and not soft enough. At the same time, when using a top-illuminated floor lamp, the ceiling in your home should be white or light-colored, and the material of the ceiling should have a certain reflective effect.

2. If it is a direct-illuminated floor lamp, the lower edge of the lampshade should be lower than the eyes

In this way, the eyes will not feel uncomfortable due to the light bulb. In addition, the indoor light contrast will increase the eye load, try to choose a floor lamp that can be dimmed. When in use, because the direct-illuminated light is concentrated, it is best to avoid mirrors and glass products near the reading position to avoid discomfort caused by reflections.

3. Modeling floor lamps need to be suitable for home decoration style

At this time, it is necessary to consider its consistency with the overall style of the home. For example, if the home decoration style is relatively elegant, but the color of the floor lamp is relatively bright, it will appear a little abrupt at this time.

When choosing an LED floor lamp, the most important thing is to combine the actual needs, and then consider the quality of the lamp itself. If you have a need for this after reading the above, you can contact us to obtain related customized services. Foresight can provide customers with LED floor lamps of excellent quality and various shapes.

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