What Are the Advantages of Led Strip Lights?

What Are the Advantages of Led Strip Lights?


LED strip lights have many advantages, both in actual lighting and decoration. This article will introduce the advantages of LED strip lights in detail.

the advantages of LED strip lights in detail
In the modern era, LED strip lights have taken over as the preferred choice of most people. LED lights are an upgrade over older incandescent lighting technology. 

In reality, it is a long, flexible circuit board set with light-emitting diodes. These types of lights are very popular for accent or decorative lighting but can also be used for more practical purposes. Whether you use LED strip lights for holiday decoration or year-round decoration, using this type of lighting has the following advantages.

1. Energy Savings 

LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. This makes LED solutions more viable for continuous use. Instead of the older styles of rope lights or Christmas-style lights, the LED diode that emits the light is only the size of a fleck of pepper. This tiny little light is able to outshine its competition and use less energy doing it. 

2. Flexible Lighting Choices

With LED strip lights, the only thing that limits you is your imagination. If you want to light an area, whether it is a dorm room or around a camper, you can do it. This helps you to shape where and how the light shines. You can also choose different colors and combinations of colors for a more atmospheric effect.

3. Longer Life Span 

LED strip lights last a long time. They are able to operate in some cases, for 40,000 to 50,000 hours. This would be the equivalent of leaving a light on for years and never turning it off. After a long time of use, the lights will begin to dim. This process does not occur overnight and is only noticeable as the lights reach the end of their life. 

4. Easier to See 

LED light strips put our very high-quality light. This light is easy to see from further distances because LED light is emitted in a straight line. This means you don’t need mirrors or reflectors, and therefore the light is not scattered. 

This makes LED strip lights good even for vehicles that want to be visible in poor weather conditions and at night. 

Some custom semi-trucks use LED strip lighting in order to make beautiful accents around their cabs and trailers.

5. Less Heat Generation

LED strip lights generate much less heat than previous types of lighting solutions. It is much safer to leave LED lights on because they won’t get hot enough to start a fire. They are also easy to handle while lit because of this. 

You can touch and manipulate LED strip lighting while it is on, without fear of burning your fingers. This also gives these lights an advantage when camping or enjoying the outdoors. You can use them overnight to keep your campground illuminated and not dangerous.

6. Environmental Friendliness 

This advantage is possible because of some of the other advantages of LED lighting. You don’t have to change burnt-out bulbs with LED strip lights.

Compare this to previous types of lighting, and you are putting way less in the landfill. LED light strips that still function can even be sold as used lighting. Their long lifespan makes this ability to reuse and reduce trash a great choice for going green.

7. Programmable and Customized

Some types of LED strip lights are able to be programmed. This enables you to set up moving, flashing, or alternating lighting patterns and colors. This gives you a lot more freedom of choice when deciding on what kind of lighting you want around your house, property, or campsite. 

This is also the trait that makes them great for using with music. You can even get programs and lighting solutions that allow you to pulse the lights with music. This combination of light and music can be very pleasing to guests if you are having a party, or just for yourself on a weekday night. 

8. Color Options

Not only is the light that comes out of an LED light strip more vibrant, but it also comes in a shocking number of colors. Each color is clear and easy to see, and there is every imaginable color you might need. Foresight provides a variety of colors of LED light strips to meet the needs of different users.

The LED strip lights provided by Foresight are of excellent quality, durable, and have strict control over quality and details. If you want to learn more about LED strips after reading the above, welcome to contact us for a comprehensive solution.

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