Common Faults and Repair Methods of Rechargeable LED Flashlights

Common Faults and Repair Methods of Rechargeable LED Flashlights


If there is a failure in the process of using the rechargeable LED flashlight, it will lead to poor performance. This article will specifically introduce the common faults and maintenance methods of rechargeable LED flashlights.

 the common faults and repair methods of rechargeable LED flashlights

The rechargeable LED flashlight is composed of the LED light source, shell, rechargeable battery, switch, circuit board, etc., which can be used for repeated charging. If there is a failure in the process of using the rechargeable LED flashlight, it will cause poor performance. Then we will give you a brief introduction to the common faults and repair methods of rechargeable LED flashlights.

Common malfunctions

1. The LED light does not light up.

2. The lead-acid battery is damaged, causing it to be incapable of charging and discharging, and it can only be used when it is plugged in.

3. The high-voltage step-down capacitor is damaged, or the rectifier diode is damaged due to overvoltage, resulting in failure to charge.

4. The pull switch is in poor contact or damaged and cannot be turned on.

Repair methods

(1) Because the voltage of our family is 220v, the voltage setting of the rechargeable flashlight before leaving the factory is also 220v. If we rush to charge under high voltage or step-down conditions, then it may cause the internal circuit of the flashlight to burn out. In this case, we need to use a solder point pen to remelt the circuit, and also need a test pen to check in real-time which link has the problem.

(2) When the LED lamp beads of our flashlight are not bright, but the charging shows normal, then the lamp beads may be burned out, we only need to replace it with a LED lamp bead.

(3) If our flashlight cannot be recharged, it is usually because the flashlight battery is improperly operated or has reached the end of its life, we need to replace the internal battery to repair our rechargeable flashlight.

(4) When the light of our flashlight is flickering, then the problem is generally on the diode of the flashlight. We need a universal meter to detect which part of the diode is damaged, and then replace the diode in time. We can also fix our flashlights.

(5) When overhauling, pay attention to that the light-emitting element of this flashlight is a "light-emitting diode", which has the characteristics of light-emitting, but also has the characteristics of unidirectional conduction and reverse breakdown of the diode.

(6) First check whether there is an open circuit in the circuit, whether the switch is in poor contact, whether the +- pole of the battery is corroded, etc. When testing with a multimeter, first determine whether there is a problem with the battery. Measure the voltage at both ends of the electrode. If the voltage is 0 or below the rated voltage, consider charging or replacing the battery. At the same time, check whether there is a problem with the charging circuit.

(7) After confirming that there is no problem with the circuit and battery, check and repair the light-emitting diode. Use a multimeter ×1K or ×100 gear (high resistance gear is not recommended, because its high voltage may easily cause the reverse breakdown of the light-emitting diode) to measure the positive and negative on-off of the light-emitting diode to determine whether the light-emitting diode is damaged.

(8) Most LED flashlights are connected by multiple light-emitting diodes in series or in series and parallel connection, which can be tested in sections, and the damaged diodes can be found by the elimination method and replaced with light-emitting diodes of the same model.

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