Precautions for Selecting and Installing Led Bicycle Rear Lights

Precautions for Selecting and Installing Led Bicycle Rear Lights


Appropriate LED bicycle rear lights can guarantee our riding safety. Today, let’s talk about the precautions for selecting and installing LED bicycle rear lights.

precautions for selecting and installing LED bicycle rear lights
With the implementation of low-carbon and environmentally friendly living, the trend of cycling has gradually emerged in society. Especially in the night or haze days, if you want to ensure the safety of riding, you must choose and install suitable LED bicycle lights. Foresight shared the following precautions for selecting and installing LED bicycle rear lights.

Based on the principle of being clearly seen

As long as there are opportunities to contact other people and vehicles in the cycling environment, there will naturally be a need to "be seen". A suitable LED bicycle taillight is an important magic weapon to ensure your own safety, especially at night, early morning, or in other dimly lit environments. If you want to ride through tunnels and mountain roads, LED bicycle rear lights are indispensable safety accessories.

Since LED bicycle rear lights are mainly used as passive lighting for warnings, their purpose is to be seen, so they must be clearly seen from all angles from the rear to the side. In addition to having a certain brightness, what is more, important is a wide light distribution.

Therefore, in addition to observing the brightness of the rear of the LED bicycle taillight, you should also look at the brightness of the left and right sides from 30 degrees, 60 degrees to 90 degrees, it is of course safer to have a wide and uniform light.

Choose the product that suits you

When consumers buy LED bicycle rear lights, they generally consider brightness, viewing angle, endurance, and price, while ignoring other factors such as whether the lights are dazzling, installation location, and light color.

Check again after installation

There are more and more types of LED bicycle rear lights on the market. When purchasing, you must pay attention to the convenience of its installation, such as whether you need tools, where it can be installed, whether it can correspond to different sizes of pipe diameters, and so on.

General installation positions include seat tube, seat stay, rear shelf, seat cushion (seat bow), safety helmet, seat cushion bag, etc. When installing, pay special attention to whether it will be affected by other objects on the car. At this time, it is a better choice to choose a taillight that can be installed under the seat cushion.

Check again after installation to see if it is too bright. Regardless of whether you are riding a mountain bike, a road bike, a commuter bike, or a basket bike, as long as you ride at night, you should install LED bicycle rear lights, so that the bicycle can be clearly seen by the car behind to ensure personal safety.

Installed in a suitable location

Generally, when installing LED bicycle rear lights, the tools should be installed below the level of the bicycle, because if it is too high, it will shine into the sky, and it will not play a role in lighting. It is best to adjust the accurate position of the lighting tool during the actual riding.

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