How to Choose a Suitable Outdoor Led Flashlight for Different Purposes?

How to Choose a Suitable Outdoor Led Flashlight for Different Purposes?


For different outdoor uses, the requirements for LED flashlights are also different. Today, let’s talk about how to choose the right outdoor LED flashlight for different purposes.

 how to choose the right outdoor LED flashlight for different purposes
LED flashlights have advantages that other lighting tools cannot match, and are often used in various outdoor scenes. In order to better meet the needs of outdoor use, LED flashlights must meet the following requirements.

1. Hiking

Hiking does not require too high a brightness. Because of the longer use time, you can choose a lighter LED flashlight as much as possible, and at the same time, its battery has a longer life. Under normal circumstances, LED flashlights to need to take into account moderate concentrating and flooding. However, the team leader still needs a brighter LED flashlight with a certain range, so that it can be more convenient when exploring the terrain.

2. Camping

The flashlight used for camping must be well flooded and has low brightness requirements, but we need to choose an LED flashlight with long battery life, and it is best to continuously illuminate it all night. Such LED flashlights have advantages in terms of convenience and cost of use. At present, the newly developed flashlight can be equipped with a camping lampshade in front of the lamp holder, which is used as a camping lamp, and its performance is also very good.

3. Night ride

Because the night riding speed is fast, it needs good brightness, and it also has higher requirements for battery life. It is best to continuously illuminate for 4 hours. The floodlight of LED flashlights is very important for night riding, and the condensing part should not be too concentrated.

Night riding flashlights are not very sensitive to weight, so in order to meet the performance requirements, you can choose a larger flashlight, pay attention to whether it is conducive to operation and whether it is conducive to clamping, and it must be able to be firmly installed on the bicycle.

For night-riding LED flashlights, you must choose a flashlight that is not easy to skip gears, otherwise, you would rather choose a single-speed flashlight without dimming. In the violent turbulence, the flashlight skips gears, which will bring unpredictable serious consequences!

4. Hunting

The brightness of the LED flashlight must be high, the lighting distance is long enough, and the battery life can be relatively short. At the same time, it is best to have anti-impact characteristics to avoid being damaged by the impact of some firearms with recoil. The floodlight of this kind of flashlight does not need to be too wide, and the light concentration is moderate. It is recommended to choose a yellow flashlight for better hunting effects.

5. Search

The search for brightness is almost as bright as possible, and the range is also important. The weight and volume are secondly considered. You can choose a bright and large LED flashlight.

6. Diving

The LED flashlight needed for diving emphasizes absolute waterproof and reliability, and the brightness requirements are also high, and the lighting time is enough (it depends on the type of diving you are). The requirements for volume and weight are not harsh, and the hand-held lamps are appropriately larger to facilitate the holding, and the flexibility of use is better.

The switch must be able to resist water pressure (usually push-button switches cannot resist water pressure, and diving flashlights are mostly controlled by magnetic switches, which are controlled by rotary or toggle switches). In addition, it is better to have a hand strap with a locking function to prevent it from falling off accidentally.

7. Caving

The environment corresponding to the cave is more dangerous, and the reflection rate of the rock in the cave is low, so the brightness of the LED flashlight must be high! There is water in the cave. Generally, the flashlight is required to have good waterproof characteristics. At the same time, possibly dangerous situations require the flashlight to be sturdy and durable and can withstand the impact and fall of stones without being damaged.

8. Everyday Carry

EDC is the flashlight that you carry with you. This type of flashlight is generally a miniature spare flashlight, which must be small and light so that it can be easily carried with you at any time, and is convenient to put in your pocket or carry-on backpack. Due to the limitation of the power supply volume, the brightness of EDC flashlights is generally lower.

Some flashlights with gear adjustment will have long battery life and not many functions. When used as a lady, the flashing function is indispensable. In an emergency, it can be used to illuminate the opponent's eyes with a certain vertigo effect, which is beneficial to gain more reaction time for yourself.

When we buy LED flashlights, we also need to put the demand first, so that the LED flashlight can give full play to its purpose. If you want to know more about LED flashlights after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by getting to know us.

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